Financial Advisory Service, Inc. surpasses $2B in assets under management

Financial Advisory Service, Inc. surpasses $2B in assets under management

Kansas City, Mo. — A financial planning and wealth management firm with 42 years of local history has surpassed $2 billion in assets under management, a number that’s doubled within the last five years alone.

Financial Advisory Service, Inc. (FAS) has charted significant growth since 2016, increasing its high-net-worth households by 47% and its employee headcount by 53%. Today, FAS serves approximately 1,200 affluent individuals and families across the U.S.

FAS was founded in 1979 by Max Greer, who had the vision to build one of the first comprehensive wealth management firms in the Midwest with a business model and culture rooted in serving clients through collaborative advice. The firm’s unique employee ownership structure cultivates a team-oriented approach that provides clients with individualized attention alongside a full suite of in-house professionals. The shareholder model is also cornerstone to attracting credentialed and experienced professionals who desire to be part of a shared mission focused on client success.

The $2 billion milestone reflects a steady growth trajectory for FAS, as well as an important moment to celebrate the firm’s resiliency following a period of unprecedented economic uncertainty during a global pandemic.

“A milestone is simply a snapshot in time, but it reinforces one of FAS’s core values: do good work for good people and good things will happen. This accomplishment means we’ve done right by our clients for a long time,” said Managing Partner Jake Barnes. “It also means that clients value the sophistication of a boutique, mid-size wealth management firm where deep relationships still matter and customized financial planning can truly enhance and simplify life.”

“We owe all of our success to our extremely loyal client base who has helped us grow to this milestone through their advocacy and referrals,” said Managing Partner Tom Meier. “We’re so proud that we’ve reached this goal with organic growth when so many of our competitors are focused on growth through acquisition at any and all costs, which often sacrifices the high-touch service model we’re known for.”

You can read more about this update at the Kansas City Business Journal. 


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Founded in 1979, Financial Advisory Service, Inc. (FAS) is a privately owned comprehensive financial planning and investment management firm that provides sophisticated wealth solutions and personalized service to high-net-worth clients across the U.S. As a Fiduciary, FAS is held to the industry’s highest standard of care to always act in its clients’ best interests, ahead of its own. For more than 40 years, FAS has provided Expertise & Objectivity® in the form of independent and trustworthy recommendations aligned with its clients’ personal and financial life goals. Learn more at